DIY paper flowers

Why not add a splash of colour to your home with some beautiful DIY paper flowers? They’re fun and surprisingly easy to make. This guide will teach you how to make your own paper flowers using just a few basic materials.

Easy paper flower crafts

Looking for a fun and simple project to do with the kids? Paper flower crafts are the answer! DIY paper flowers are a beautiful pastime that’s loads of fun. All you need are the right materials and a little inspiration.

While the more complex designs can be time-consuming, the results are well worth the effort. There are also many simple, intuitive designs that you can use to create gorgeous flowers, either as party decorations or as permanent floral fixtures in your home.

Pritt Original Glue Stick is ideal for arts and crafts, its simple rub-on application leaves no risk of making a mess and having to start from scratch! To add a special touch to your paper flower arts and crafts, Pritt has specialty glue sticks the children will go mad for. Pritt Glitter Glue Stick comes in shiny glittering colours, allowing creativity to blossom.

How to make DIY paper flowers: Step by step

There are so many different ways to make your own paper flowers. But the guide below will show you one of the simplest methods for creating large individual flowers. It’s perfect if you’re new to paper flower crafts, as it requires the minimum in terms of both materials and experience.

Here’s how to make DIY paper flowers step by step:

  1. Choose your petals. You can find lots of different templates online. We recommend choosing a simple but shapely flower petal like a rose.
  2. Create your templates. Create a drawn or printed template on the coloured paper of your choice in small, medium and large sizes.
  3. Prepare your petals. Cut out the petals. To give them extra shape and volume use a bone folder, gently shaping the petals at the edges. Alternatively, curl them carefully by hand.
  4. Make your base. Use a small, circular cardboard disc as the base for your flower.
  5. Position and glue the first layer of petals. Starting with the largest petals, arrange them neatly around the cardboard base. When you’re happy with the positioning, glue them to the cardboard base with a smooth layer of Original Pritt Glue Stick. To add a dramatic wisp of color between petals, choose Pritt Fun Colors Glue Stick, available in 4 colors.
  6. Repeat with the next layers of petals. Add the next layers, using smaller petals for each layer. You can overlap the petals to fill in any gaps.
  7. Make the bud tighter. To create a more realistic flower with a tighter bud, simply glue a narrow cone of paper to the cardboard base.

And that’s how to make paper flower arts and crafts in just a few simple steps. Now you’ve mastered simple paper flower crafts, you can go on to try making a whole wreath or bouquet, using nothing more than paper and glue!