DIY bookmarks: Ideas

Forget folded corners in your books! The best way to find the page you’ve been reading is with beautiful DIY bookmarks. This guide will show you how to make your own bookmarks and give you inspiration on how to turn this into a bookmark craft for kids.

Bookmark craft ideas and inspiration

Whether you’re creating them as a gift or to keep track of your own reading, DIY bookmarks are a great project. They’re so easy to make, and the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ideas for fun DIY bookmarks:

  • Glue colourful buttons or ribbon to paperclips
  • Cut out and laminate photos and add a ribbon or tassel
  • Cut shapes out of colourful felt or fabric and attach a ribbon, or an elastic band or hair tie
  • Stick small magnets inside folded strips of card
  • Illustrate a strip of card, add glitter or stamps or include a literary quote

You can use all kinds of materials to make your own bookmarks, but keep in mind that paper and card are fragile. For that reason, we recommend sticking everything firmly in place with Pritt All Purpose Glue Tube. This special adhesive gives you greater control over application, is child-safe and solvent free, and dries transparent. For added protection, try laminating your bookmark.

Making unique DIY bookmarks with old books

Breathe new life into an old book! Here are two easy bookmark craft ideas with a vintage aesthetic, for creative recycling.

Spine bookmarks

Here’s how to make your own bookmarks using the spine of a hardback book:

  1. Find an old hardback book with a loose or detached spine. Very old hardback books tend to crack and fall apart around the spine. Choose a book with a spine that’s coming loose and carefully remove it with a knife, taking care not to damage it further.
  2. Glue the spine to card stock. Using the Pritt All Purpose Glue Tube, add a thin line of glue to a strip of card, then press the spine firmly against the card. Wait for the glue to dry.
  3. Tidy up the edges. Use scissors to carefully smoothen any rough edges on the bookmark.
  4. Add a ribbon or tassel. Using a hole punch, make a hole near the edge of the bookmark. Then add a colourful ribbon or tassel.

Page bookmarks: Easy DIY bookmarks for kids

Cutting out a pretty page from an old children’s book is an easy way to turn this into a bookmark craft for kids. Here’s what you do:

  1. Choose your page. Have a look around your house for any old books that are no longer read, or pick up a cheap second-hand book in a shop or market. Choose a page with some kid-friendly images. Carefully cut the page out of the book.
  2. Cut out the bookmark. You may want to use a ruler or a faint pencil outline to be sure it’s even. After you’ve cut it, you can tidy up the edges with a paper cutter if necessary.
  3. Add extra decoration (optional). If you want to jazz up your bookmark, you can add some extra decoration with coloured pens, paint, stamps or glitter.
  4. Laminate the bookmark. Use laminate sheets or clear contact paper to protect the bookmark.
  5. Add a ribbon or tassel. Use a hole punch to create a hole in one end of the bookmark, then secure a colourful piece of ribbon or a tassel.