Our vision

Our Aspiration

An integral part of Pritt's vision is to support the motor and cognitive development of children through creative crafting.

We want to contribute by providing strong product performance with a sustainable footprint. Therefore, we constantly strive to further improve our products and explore new areas of application. The compatibility of our products and technologies with health and the environment is assessed continuously within our operations.

Environmental and social responsibility

In its vision and values, Henkel has declared its dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Recognising the need to harmonise economic, ecological and social goals, Henkel actively accepts responsibility within its sphere of influence and thus contributes to the global implementation of sustainable solutions. As a visible sign of its commitment, in July 2003 Henkel announced its participation in the United Nations' Global Compact. Pritt stands behind this promise, as the brand's core product is based on 97% natural and renewable ingredients (Incl. water). Moreover, the brand is also actively engaged in improving the quality of education, not only inside the classroom of consumers, but also that of children around the globe.

Environmental and consumer protection

Environmental protection, health and safety and quality aspects have been given top priority at Henkel for decades.

Continuous improvement in these areas is an integral part of our vision and values. Outstanding quality of our products means more than convenience and high performance. It includes all-encompassing product safety and ecological compatibility. Customers and consumers alike can depend upon the fact that Henkel products and technologies have been tested thoroughly to ensure that, when used as intended, they are safe for health and the environment. Pritt, as a known brand for children, has these beliefs and goals very present. Their original glue stick, made with 97% natural ingredients (Incl. water), is safe for children's use.

Pritt Stick: safe for children's use

Pritt places particularly high priority on its ecological compatibility and product safety, especially as it is mostly used by children in their schools and homes.

Pritt Stick is made from 97% natural ingredients (incl. water), is solvent-free, PVC-free and certified to comply with stringent EU child safety legislation (EN71 compliance).

Renewable resources

In 1991, Henkel started to develop alternatives to a variety of raw materials. For the Pritt Stick, Henkel was the first to replace mineral oil-based raw materials with suitable renewable raw materials. The prospect of finding a substitute raw material that would reduce dependence on mineral oil-based polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) was also economically interesting, as the great demand for PVP was met by just a few suppliers.

The quality of the glue stick made with an alternative raw material had to be at least equal to that of the existing product. Starch ether was identified as a potential alternative raw material, as starch has good adhesive properties when it is appropriately chemically modified. After a development period and a test phase of two years, consumer tests were successfully concluded and the first generation of the starch-based Pritt Stick was produced. In 2000, PVP was finally completely replaced. Since 2003, the formula has consisted of more than 97% natural ingredients, such as potato starch, sugar and water.  

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Safe products and technologies

The compatibility of Pritt products and technologies with health and the environment is assessed in detail. This involves evaluating the properties of the individual ingredients, their concentrations in the product, and the conditions under which the product is to be used.

If, despite appropriately designed packaging and detailed instructions, products are used incorrectly or mishaps occur, Henkel customers and consumers can always contact our advice services as well as special hotlines for emergencies.


Many rankings and awards acknowledge Henkel as a global leader in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We embraced these ideals many decades ago and we are already working on solutions to the problems of our age, such as the growing threat of climate change. With this in mind, we are consistently optimising all of our brands and technologies in three phases of their life cycle: research and development, production, and use.

The limited availability of water, energy and other resources has been recognised as a global challenge. We have taken up this challenge, and we confront it by taking action locally in more than 125 countries. We aim to make a valuable contribution to society. The basis for this is our vision to make people's lives easier and better with our brands and technologies. Our way of achieving this in a sustainable and socially responsible manner is to combine excellent performance with responsibility toward people and the environment.