Refill Glue Permanent Roller

Features and Benefits

The refillable permanent Glue Roller offers clean and precise application thanks to the new honeycomb tape.

16-metre honeycomb glue tape for clean and precise gluing.

Mini roller applicator and protective cap.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Photos
  • Synthetic material
  • Glass

How to use?


- papers

- photos

- cardboard

- wood

- Pritt Glue Roller

Step 1

Open the cap and apply on the surface: the honeycomb cells allow a superb adhesion and clean application.

Step 2

The permament glue roller can be applied also in many materials like paper, photos, cardboard, glass, wood, plastic.

Step 3

The refillable glue roller is easy to refill: push the lever down, open the front part of the device and refill.


Honey, will you stick to me?

The new Pritt Compact Permanent Glue Rollers come with a new generation of adhesive tape.

Thanks to its honeycomb structure it offers superb adhesion performance and can be applied with extra precision and cleanliness.

How to apply

Apply the tape at an angle of 45° for perfect results.

How to refill

  • Step1: Push the lever down 
  • Step 2. Open the front part of the device 
  • Step 3. Refill

Additional Info

  • Mini roller applicator and protective cap
  • Minimum of 50% recycled plastic housing
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easily refilled, avoiding waste and saving money