Solar system

Play with the planets!


10-11 years old


60 min


  • newspaper
  • polystyrene balls
  • Pritt white glue
  • water
  • brushes
  • screws
  • scissors
  • wood lath
  • paints

How to?

Step 1

Start to make the different planets and the sun in order to build the solar system. To make the spheres use the polystyrene balls. To make a more realistic surface, use a newspaper glued with a mixture of water and Pritt White Glue. Then cover the surface of all the planets with the newspaper and mix it with the help of a brush.

Step 2

Once all the planets are built, let them dry and paint them according to their characteristic colors.

Step 3

To make the mobile, do a hole in the center of each planet with the screws and pass a fishing line.

Step 4

Tie the fishing lines to a wooden set. When the representation is finished, observe and play with the planets of the solar system.