Paper Christmas stars

Just when you thought the holiday season couldn't get any brighter, festive paper Christmas stars crafts will make the holidays shine for the whole family. Learn the basics below and let your imagination take you away.

What does a paper Christmas star symbolize?

You don't have to be religious to appreciate the significance of the Christmas star. To many, it symbolizes the star which guided the three kings, or wise men, to the baby Jesus. But maybe, just as importantly, the star also represents a shining hope for humanity. Whatever your reasons for putting them up at Christmas, star arts and crafts are fun and easy to do!

How to make a paper Christmas star

You can create your very own homemade Christmas star with the following materials.

  • white card stock
  • scissors
  • bottle of Pritt White Crafting Glue
  • ruler

Here’s how to make your own Christmas tree star.

  1. Start by folding a piece of square white card stock into 4 equal quadrants, then open back up. Draw a line on each fold. Now cut in toward the middle on each line up to about ½ from the center.
  2. Next, draw a line diagonally with your ruler from each corner into the middle of your paper.
  3. Now fold the cut edges toward the diagonal line in such a way that it forms a point on each outside corner.
  4. Do this to all 4 quadrants and glue the paper down where you have folded back toward the diagonal lines.
  5. You have just created a 4-sided star.
  6. To make this more interesting, do the same shape again and position on top of your original star but staggered between each original point.
  7. Glue on top of each other to form an 8-point star.

Once you’ve perfected your star, you can easily attach it to your tree by threading a thin piece of wire through the center and then wrapping the wire around a bough of the tree.

Christmas star crafts start with the right glue

A key component for your paper star craft project is the glue. Obviously, if it fails the star will fall apart. So go with the best. When choosing your adhesive, make sure it can bond to the materials used in your project. If you are crafting with children, you also need to ensure it is safe for them.

Pritt White Crafting Glue Bottle is the right choice for this and many other craft projects. It applies white, dries transparent for a flawless finish and is suited for cardboard, paper, photos, glass, wood, and a variety of other porous and non-porous surfaces. Also, it’s solvent free, child-safe and washable, making it the perfect go-to glue for your crafting kit.

For an extra sparkly star, use Pritt Glitter Glue Stick! This fun stick adds a great glitter effect without all the mess! Available in red, yellow and pink, these colorful glitter glue sticks will give your Christmas star crafts a fun and unique look.