Paper bag crafts

Wondering what to do with the children today? Read on for some ideas for paper bag crafts which can be used for gifts. All you need is some paper bags, glue, decorations, your favourite little helper(s), and you’re ready to go!

Paper bag crafts idea 1: Gift bags

Get children actively involved in the birthday party preparations by making their own monogrammed goodie bags! This paper bag craft idea for kids is a great way to get their creativity flowing, and add a personal touch to birthdays giveaway bags. Here’s how to pull off this simple DIY paper bag craft.

  1. Clear your workspace and collect everything you need. You’ll need multiple paper bags of the same size, a hole punch, glue, ribbon and any decorative material you want to use.
  2. Make a monogram for every person who will receive a gift bag. Print out or draw the letters and trace them onto each bag.
  3. Paint or glue the letters onto each bag. Paint the letters on the bags, or cut out the printed letters and glue them on using a dab of Pritt White Crafting Glue Bottle.
  4. Make holes in each bag with a hole punch. Make two holes through both sides of the top of each bag.
  5. Cut your ribbon into pieces. Put the ribbons through the holes in each bag but don’t tie them up until you’ve filled the bags with gifts.
  6. Decorate the bags. Use glue to stick gems or other decorative pieces to the bags. Wait for the glue to dry.
  7. Fill the bags. Once you’ve put in some small gifts and closed the bags, they’re ready to be given to party guests.

Paper bag crafts idea 2: Advent calendars

Paper bag decorations don’t get much easier than this! Collect 24 paper bags to make your own holiday advent calendar. Here’s how:

  1. Get ready. Clear your workspace and gather all your materials, including 24 paper bags (not necessarily of the same size).
  2. Make numbers. Print out or draw the numbers from 1 to 24 in the style of your choice. Cut out the numbers with scissors.
  3. Glue the numbers onto the paper bags. We recommend Pritt All Purpose Glue for easy application.
  4. Make holes in the top of each bag. Make two holes in each bag with a hole punch.
  5. Attach ribbon. Put a strand of ribbon through the holes in each bag, but don’t tie them up yet.
  6. Decorate the bags. Use paint, colourful pens, glitter, stick on gems or strips of paper in other colours.
  7. Fill the bags with gifts. Put one gift in each bag, for each day of advent. Tie up the ribbons to close the bags.

Depending on the weight of the gifts, you can either hang up the gift bags or put them all in a box before giving them to your loved one.

More ideas for DIY paper bag crafts

Here are some fun paper bag craft ideas suitable for older children:

  • A paper bag wreath – simply cut a circle out of some cardboard and cut out the middle. Cut your paper bags into strips. Then twist the paper strips around the circular frame and glue the pieces down until your wreath looks full enough. Then stick on some dried leaves, feathers or flowers.
  • Paper bag ribbon – cut off the handles of a paper bag and unravel them. You can form bow shapes with the paper, or you can twist it up and use it to tie up your bags.