Paper angels

Reach new crafting heights with this angelic project. Pritt’s guide on how to make paper angels out of old books will have you in seventh heaven! We show you what you need and how to engage young readers in this angel craft for kids.

Materials for making book angel arts and crafts

DIY book paper angels are a lovely way to upcycle old books into a new holiday decoration your family will cherish for years to come. Here are the materials you need to get started on this heavenly project:

  • 1 old paperback book, roughly 150-200 pages long
  • glue – Pritt Compact Glue Permanent Roller and Pritt All Purpose Glue Tube
  • ball for the head – use a table tennis ball, wood, polystyrene or any round object of choice
  • two smaller balls for hands – pompoms or similar object
  • scissors
  • small strip of pipe cleaner to form the halo
  • optional decorations – small gems, ribbons, stars or other small holiday accents

Other Holiday Design Ideas:
This fun craft can be altered to fit any holiday theme. Make a Halloween witch by changing the decorative features. Craft a broom out of pipe cleaner and a hat out of paper. You can even spray paint the base black and add a fake spider and web for an extra spooky touch!

How to make paper angels out of old books

After you’ve collected your materials, it’s time to get folding. Here’s how to make angel crafts out of old books.

  • Remove the cover of the book but keep the spine intact.
  • Starting with the first page, pull the upper right corner of the page down and fold to center.
  • Working on the same page, fold to center again.
  • After the second fold, there will be a triangular piece extending below the edge of the book. Fold that piece under so that the edge is even with the book.
  • Repeat the fold with the next 30 pages of the book. This forms the dress of the angel.
  • Repeat the fold with 30 pages on the other side of the spine.
  • Stand the book up and check that the angel stands balanced.
  • To make the wings: Flip the book upside down and continue folding the pages in the same way. For symmetrical wings, repeat the same number of folded pages on the other side of the spine.
  • Flip the book right side up, and fold the remaining pages to complete the back of the dress.
  • Decorate the wings with ribbon and Pritt Compact Glue Permanent Roller.
  • Glue on the head, halo, hands and other decorative accents with Pritt All Purpose Glue Tube.