Make your own calendar

Looking for a new activity with the children? Why not make your own calendar? In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a DIY calendar the whole family will enjoy. All you need is 12 family photos, a calendar template, high-quality paper, the right adhesive and some cardboard. Ready? Let’s go.

How to make your own calendar with photos

Making a calendar for your family or friends is easier than you think. Chances are, you already have 12 great photos, so that’s a good place to start. Aside from the photos you will need a calendar template, 12 or more pieces of high-quality thin card stock, cardboard to make a calendar stand, and glue.

For this project we recommend Pritt Compact Glue Non-Permanent Roller – application is super easy and the glue can be removed at year's end if you want to save the pictures.

  • Get ready. Clear your workspace, put a protective sheet on the table and collect all the things you need.
  • Choose a calendar template online and print. There should be one template available for each month of the year. If possible, print the template directly onto the pieces of high-quality thin card.

Make sure you choose a card that has a matte finish. A glossy finished paper is difficult to print and draw on.

  • Print out 12 photos. Before printing make sure that they will fit into the ‘photo box’ on the calendar template.
  • Match the photos with the months.
  • Using Pritt Compact Glue Non-Permanent Roller, glue each photo onto the card. Position the roller at the furthest gluing point at a 45-degree angle. Apply firm but light pressure on the nib and pull the roller along the surface you want to glue. At the end of the line, stop and lift up at a slight angle. Apply the adhesive on the disposable item for easy future removal.
  • Make a stand for the calendar. Arrange the cardboard into a triangular shape and stick another thin piece of card a few centimeters from the bottom that will act as a ledge for the calendar cards.
  • Leave to dry.

How to make your own calendar with kids

Homemade calendars are a fun and kid-friendly craft that bring back fond memories with every new month. Kids will have a blast designing their own monthly motif, so pull out that craft box and get cracking! Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Multi-coloured construction paper
  • Pritt All Purpose Glue Tube or Original Pritt Glue Stick
  • Plain calendar template
  • Hole puncher
  • Small strips of yarn
  • Various craft supplies to fit the seasons: glitter, cotton balls, paint, paintbrushes, scissors, googly eyes, dried leaves, shells, feathers, stickers, pipe cleaners, color pencils, old buttons, etc…

Map it out!

To help this personalized project go smoother, think ahead and plan out your design for each month. Holiday and Birthday months are especially fun to decorate, make sure you have the right craft materials to fit the monthly theme.

  1. Clear your workspace and gather your materials.
  2. Separate 12 pieces of construction paper for each month.
  3. Starting with your favourite month, decorate the page to fit the season. For rainy months, use cotton balls and glitter to show rain. Collect and paste fall leaves in the Autumn months. For birthday months, create a birthday cake cutout and presents.
  4. Set the pages aside to dry.
  5. Glue each decorated page to the calendar template above the days.
  6. Punch holes along the top of each page in the same spot.
  7. Stack the calendar pages in order
  8. Run yarn through the holes and tie off the ends.
  9. Hang the calendar for all to admire!


Giving your DIY calendar as a gift

Now you know how to make your own calendar, why not use one as a gift for your family or friends? If you choose a cardboard calendar, select your loved one’s favourite photos and glue these onto the month cards. Wrap the calendar up nicely in an upcycled paper bag tied up with ribbon.

One thing’s for sure, both DIY calendars make great, thoughtful gifts that will keep on giving.