Ice creams

Make your paper ice creams!

Age: 8 - 9 years old

Time: 60 min


  • polystyrene cones
  • paints
  • brush
  • crepe paper (green, yellow and brown)
  • Pritt All purpose glue

How to?

Step 1

Make the base of the ice cream, with a polystyrene cone figure. Paint the cone with brown paint to make it look like a cookie.

Step 2

To make the mass of the mashed potatoes, use the yellow crepe paper and assemble it making circles.

Stick the mashed potatoes to the base of the ice cream with the Pritt All purpose glue.

Step 3

To make the sausages use the brown crepe paper and the green one to make the peas and glue everything to the mashed potatoes with the help of the Pritt All purpose glue.

Step 4

To make the sauce, brush a brush with brown paint and pass it a little over the top of the mash.