Handmade Birthday Cards 

Want to make a handmade birthday card that will give your gift a more personal touch? Read on for great ideas and instructions!

Easy birthday cards craft ideas

Classic birthday arts and crafts projects like birthday cards or party invitations are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more ideas to explore. The great thing about handmade birthday cards: you can adapt basic ideas for nearly anyone and any theme. For example, create lovely maritime-themed accents for parties on the beach, such as the name cards found below.

Birthday card crafts for kids are also a great activity during party time. Making handmade birthday cards is easy during parties, and a great way to shake things up. Guests have fun creating their own hats and presents for the guest of honor. If you opt for the maritime theme, provide paper for hats or shells, sea glass, string or adhesive, sand, and stickers for guests to use as decoration.

The right adhesive for birthday card crafts

No matter which birthday crafts you opt for, you’ll want to make sure they last long after the big day. That means you need both the right adhesive and quality materials. The most important question when selecting your glue is whether it can bond to the materials you’ve selected. If children are doing the crafting, make sure you reach for Pritt crafting adhesives, which are child-safe and contain no solvents.

If you are bonding a variety materials, a universal glue like Pritt All Purpose Glue is a good selection. Since many birthday crafts – from cards to table decoration – involve different materials, this glue is ideal since it adheres to most crafting materials and dries clear.

Birthday cards craft project: Seagull name cards

These instructions explain how to make seagull name cards for guests’ drinks at a beach-themed party. Of course, you can apply the following steps to any animal you want.

Writing guests’ names on a contrasting patch of color, such as the seagull’s wings, is a great way to make them stand out.

  1. Materials. You need yellow, white, and gray cardstock, fine black and red markers/pens, a pencil, glue, and scissors or a sharp knife (in that case, remember your cutting mat). If you want to add a festive party hat, buy an additional piece of cardstock in another color.
  2. Templates. Draw the seagull’s silhouette – without feet and legs – and cut it out. Proceed similarly to make additional templates for the beak, wing, and hat. The entire bird should be about three inches long.
  3. Trace and cut the parts. Place the silhouette template on the white cardstock, the beak template on the yellow, the wing template on the gray, and the hat template on the other color. Lightly trace around them with a pencil. Carefully cut the shapes out, and color the tips of the wings black.
  4. Glue beak, wing, and hat. Position the beak, wing, and hat to make sure they look the way you want. Then glue them in place with Pritt All Purpose Glue. Let the glue dry.
  5. Add details and name. Use the fine black marker/pen to draw an eye and the red one to create the characteristic dot on the bottom of the beak. Write the guest’s name on the wing in black.
  6. Position and enjoy. To place the seagull on the glass, cut a slit about 3/8” into the belly below the wing. Depending on how thick your glasses are, you may need to widen the slit or alter its position.