Get crafty this Christmas

It's Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than to get crafty with Pritt?

Since Pritt's invention in 1969, the world of gluing has never been the same, as schools finally had a clean, safe and convenient method of gluing! Ever since, Pritt has been a classroom and crafting must have, inspiring parents, teachers and children alike, to 'create everything they can imagine!'

Furthermore, Pritt Stick is made from 97% natural ingredients, predominantly potato starch, sugar and water, allowing children and crafters to get creative in a way which is both safe and sustainable. This is seen not only through the adhesive formula, but also through the glue stick itself. The 43g Pritt Stick is made from 65% recycled plastic, whilst the 11g and 22g sticks contain 40% recycled plastic. In fact, the glue stick, including its cap, is 100% recyclable - meaning our Pritt Stick is now more sustainable than ever before!


Get crafty!