Power Pritt Stick

The Power Pritt Stick is a multi-purpose glue, in the convenient shape of a stick. Not only is it fast and clean, but also glues different materials with strong bonding results.

Gluing with this stick is the smart way to stick paper, cardboard and photos as well as most plastics, wood, polystyrene, felt, glass, cork and other materials.

Product Features

The extra strong, patented formula of the Power Pritt Stick ensures a clean, quick and reliable application to various materials.

The Power Pritt Stick sets in 15 seconds, giving you enough time to rearrange your materials until they are fixed in position.


- Paper
- Cardboard
- Fabric
- Felt
- Photos
- Polystyrene
- Cork
- Glass
- Wood
- Leather
- Metal
- Plastic
- Foam
- Cotton

Power Stick

The Power Pritt Stick is available in a medium size (19.5g) stick for frequent use and larger areas.

Additional info

The glue is washable at 20°C.


Child-safe adhesive

The Power Pritt Stick is solvent-free and PVC-free, making it suitable and safe for children.