Pritt Monsters Creative Kit: Vampire Castle

Get yourself a Monster Crafting Kit! Are you ready to enter the hidden Vampire castle and save the princess? Then gather all your courage and good luck!

Product Features

The Vampire Castle Creative Kit is easy to build thanks to the pre-cut paper templates! Build the haunted Vampire Castle and let the girl and her unusual spooky friends explore it.

Everything you need in one box!

- 12 pre-cut paper templates with detailed design.
- 1 Pritt Glue Stick.
- 2 decorative items to bring the scenario to life.
- Instructive step-by-step booklet.

Parental support

3-5 years: High.
6-8 years: Medium.
9-11 years: Low.

Step by Step

1. Remove pre-cut paper from the template
2. Follow folding instructions
3. Glue parts together as recommended
4. Can you hear the ghosts whispering? You can explore the spooky castle together with the fearless girl!