Creative Kit: Dragon Hill

Get yourself a Monster Creative Kit! Ready to fight a fire-spitting dragon? Then reach Dragon Hill to defeat the monster.

Product Features

The Dragon Hill Creative Kit is easy to build thanks to the pre-cut paper templates! Bring the lava landscape to life with a little bit of glue and save the people from the vicious dragon.

Everything you need in one box!

- 10 pre-cut paper templates with detailed design.
- 1 Pritt Glue Stick.
- 2 decorative items to bring the scenario to life.
- Instructive step-by-step booklet.

Parental support

3-5 years: High.
6-8 years: Medium.
9-11 years: Low.

Step by Step

1. Remove pre-cut paper from the template
2. Follow folding instructions
3. Glue parts together as recommended
4. The dragon has come to life! Save yourself from his flames!