Back to School Monsters

Pritt Back to School Monsters

Scary Lessons

#1 Don't be afraid of the unknown!

Monsters under the bed - are they real? Doesn't matter: Help is on the way!
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#2 Get your backpack ready!

What belongs in your schoolbag? Time is running out...Can Mr Pritt help?
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#3 Learn new things together!

How can the Pritt Stick help to find new friends?
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#4 Making friends at school

There are many tips how to find new friends quickly. See in the video how your Pritt Stick can help you with this!

#5 Eat healthily!

What is a good lunch and why should you share it?
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#6 You can solve it all

Is your homework really difficult again? Don't worry, Mr Pritt is on his way.
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Have you already met Mr Pritt's new friends? Not yet? Then watch Hotel Transylvania 2 on Blu-Ray™, DVD and Digital HD! A lot of monstrous fun is waiting for you!

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