How to awaken your children's inner superhero

Going back to school always brings new challenges, like meeting new friends or starting new subjects. But with the help of a trusty sidekick, children will be able to face any challenge!

Meet our Pritt Superheroes and choose the perfect sidekick to stick by your children’s side this new school year! Follow the link for a chance to win of thousands of Pritt Superheroes soft toys!

Watch the story about going back to school to find out how you can help your children become superheroes too.

Pritt limited-edition glue sticks

Collect all the limited-edition Glitter Sticks! Each one has a trusty superhero sidekick equipped with special sticking power. 

Coloured glitter glue sticks in red, yellow and pink (10g and 20g) are the highlight of this limited edition, promising shiny and even more creative crafting projects!

Original glue sticks are available in 11g, 22g and 43g sizes - ideal for clean and precise crafting! 

Craft your superhero mask

Help your kids awaken their inner superhero when starting the new school year!

Download the superhero masks templates, print out the materials and start crafting together!

Craft the Fast mask for extra speed!


Craft the Strong mask for super strength!


Craft the Pritt Power mask for extra glittery power!