3,2,1… Take off!

Calling planet Earth! Dive into space with your own rocket! Enter our out-of-this-world competition for a chance to win a Pritt rocket soft toy. Enter here and fill in your details to enter the draw, one of our 1.200 Pritt rocket soft toys could be yours!

Expanding your children's universe

Going back to school may seem like a small step for an adult, but for a child, it's a giant leap. With new challenges, new discoveries and new adventures, this coming school year will be fun to explore with new friends and Pritt!

Why not organise a crafting party! Don't forget to planet well!

Pritt limited edition glue sticks

Collect all limited edition Pritt glue sticks Into Space! This year, neon coloured glue sticks feature in the portfolio, for even more fun!

Original glue sticks are available in 11g, 22g and 43g sizes - ideal for clean and precise crafting! 

Neon colour glue sticks come in pink and green (10g and 20g), giving a special neon-coloured glow to your crafting projects!